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Fundraising ideas for schools

Fundraising ideas for schools

Why not hold a series of fundraising events in aid of MAG incorporating three or more of the ideas that follow...

Each activity can be done in small groups, however the more children involved, the more fun you’ll have and the more money your school could raise for mine clearance activities.

Whatever you decide to do, you can be confident that your money will be put to use to help further the road to peace and development, and provide solutions where the impact of conflict is keeping communities in despair and poverty.

Break a record

This is a real challenge and will give everyone a true sense of achievement afterwards. Students will pick an activity they have always wanted to try (in consultation with the Guinness Book of Records) making sure the challenge is realistic and safe.

One example could be to try and break the world record for the biggest three legged race. Pick a day to carry out the activities and get sponsored to accomplish it. The more money raised will spur the kids on to record-breaking success!

What you will need:
A Guinness Book of Records, stopwatch, score sheets and lots of imagination!

Bring-and-buy / Benevolent bakes!

Get kids, parents and teachers bringing in home made cakes to sell at lunchtime. This really easy activity can sometimes raise hundreds of pounds and everyone likes a treat now and again.

Otherwise, clear out the mess and hold a bring-and-buy sale, turning unwanted clutter into pounds to help support mine clearance operations worldwide.

Clear your classroom

It costs approximately £1.50 to clear mines from a square metre of land. Work out how many square metres there are in your classroom or playground and get sponsored to raise enough money to clear it.

What you will need:
Balloons to dot around the classroom floor, pop the balloons once that area has been cleared.

Dress-down day / Dress-up day

Simple as that! Ask the pupils to each pay £1 for the privilege, or £1.50 and clear a square metre of land each.

Fashion show

Get the pupils being creative and designing outfits for a show. Incorporate different cultures and styles of dress. Sell tickets for the show and try and get local supermarkets to donate drinks and cakes too.

International day

This informative and entertaining activity is a great way to get students thinking about different communities and cultures, and living in their shoes for a day.

Choose a country where MAG works and adopt their traditional cuisine and dress whilst learning about the issues facing conflict affected areas every day.

What you will need:
Costumes and traditional food from your chosen country (this is where parents/ guardians will come in!) This can be incorporated within lessons such as geography, history or home economics.

Mine over matter…face your fear

As obvious as the title suggests, this activity can be as dangerous and courageous as you want it to be. There will be natural limits to the degree in which you can practise it but it is a really fun way to raise money whilst giving students an enormous sense of triumph afterwards.

Popular daredevil ideas could be as simple as getting everyone to try a food that they think they don’t like, or taking part in a sport that usually they might try to avoid. It can also be adapted into an ‘I have never’ theme with everyone trying out something new together.

What you will need:
A class of willing pupils and volunteers to supervise the madness!

Put your feet up

Draw around everyone’s feet and make a giant collage to highlight the area of the body most affected by landmines. Make a collage of the feet and put them on display.

See if you can incorporate this into a showcase for parents and other teachers to show how far the pupils have come in understanding the global issues you’ve been addressing.

Sponsored drawing / poetry / songwriting competition

Stage an exhibition of the work and charge an entrance fee.

Sponsored silence

We pledge you’ll probably enjoy it more than the students do!

What you will need:
Lots of sponsor forms. You can photocopy the one included in the Schools oack or email us can we'll send you some.

Sponsored walk

A really easy way to fundraise for MAG, sponsored walks can be as challenging or easy as you wish to make them depending on the age group.

Combine the walk with a school trip or make it a themed event. A themed walk could be Halloween for example, with everyone dressing up in fancy dress with story tellers and ghoulish characters hidden in unsuspecting places.

This is a great one to get more people from your local community involved in, helping to raise even more for MAG.

What you will need:
A date for your sponsored walk
Volunteers to supervise on the day
Ideas for a theme and good knowledge of the local area
Lots of sponsor forms. You can photocopy the one included in the Schools Pack or email us can we'll send you some.

Sports day / Tournaments

Hold a football or netball tournament and ask teams to pay a small fee to enter. Also by selling tickets to watch the event will up the money raised.

Students v staff

Teachers versus pupils – basketball, football, netball etc. – and invite the rest of your school as well as parents to watch and see who performs the best! Sell tickets or charge admission at the door.

Three-legged race – the world's biggest!

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the biggest three legged race to take place happened in China in January 2009, with 80 pairs (160 people) taking part to run 200 metres – why not try to beat that and make a new record!

Treasure hunt

The idea of the treasure hunt relates to MAG’s work in locating and removing remnants of unexploded ordnance and landmines. Decide on a theme and arm yourself with the powers of detection to locate treasure using cryptic clues.

A prize can be awarded for the person or group who finishes first or do it as a class exercise.

What you will need:
A leader to place items around the school or park
A set of cryptic clues, good planning skills and prizes for the winning team.

World cuisine in the canteen!

A little harder to organise perhaps but a lovely way to get the children thinking about other cultures. This could tie into geography lessons and afterwards the children can be tested on their knowledge of capital cities, staple dishes or food exports and imports.

What you will need:
A willing canteen of adventurous cooks, or more simply incorporate this into a home economics class.

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