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Leaving a legacy

A lasting gift

A legacy left to MAG in your will would be used in conflict-affected countries to lessen the threat of death and injury.

Through MAG's clearance and education programmes, safe land is released and other vital resources are given back to the local population. You will help communities to rebuild and develop their social and economic potential.

Children play on cleared land in Burundi

Burundi declared landmine free

MAG has helped one of the world’s poorest countries to become mine free three years ahead of schedule, after civil war had left it littered with lethal munitions.

MAG is guided by the priorities of local people, working closely with those affected to make sure our work has the highest impact, providing safe land where it is needed most.

MAG will make your legacy work extremely hard. More than 90 per cent of all income is spent directly on our clearance and education programmes, a statistic we are very proud of.

This means you can be sure your legacy really will be felt by the people who desperately need it for many years to come.

Your legacy will:

destroy weapons used in armed conflict in war-torn countries

• transform minefields into safe agricultural land

educate vulnerable people on the dangers of living in areas contaminated by weapons

• enable other emergency aid agencies to deliver their services in safety

provide employment for some of the world's poorest people

• make safe land available for building homes, schools, health centres or simply a place for children to play in safety

Why should I make a will?

Making a will is the only way you can be sure your wishes will be followed after you die. If you don't make one your estate may not go to the people you intended to benefit. In addition, Inheritance Tax legislation means that, if you don't prepare properly, a substantial part of what you leave may go to the state.

Making a will is quick and inexpensive, however it is an important document and so is worth talking to a solicitor to make sure it is properly drafted and includes all your wishes.

Making a will for the first time?

A will is a legal document and it is advised that you should employ a solicitor to help draft it for you.This is not as expensive as you might think and a tip to help keep costs to a minimum is to be well prepared by spending a little time drawing up a list of assets (what you own) and liabilities (what you owe) to save time and money when you meet with your solicitor

Changing an existing will?

Marriage invalidates an existing will so you will need to make a completely new will. A change in your circumstances such as divorce and a new addition to the family means you need to think about altering your will. This also applies if you decide you would like to leave a legacy to MAG or another charity. A will can be amended quickly and easily by making what is known as a codicil.

A codicil is the name of a supplementary document to a will, which contains additional instructions to accompany it. It is drawn up and witnessed in exactly the same way as a will and is a simple way to add instructions to it without getting the whole will redrafted. Your solicitor can draft a codicil for you.

Choosing a legacy type

There are two main ways you can help MAG in your will.

A pecuniary legacy is the most straightforward type of legacy where a specified amount is given. For example, ‘I leave £1,000 to the Mines Advisory Group (MAG)'. However, as this is a specific sum, the amount will erode over time with inflation.

A residuary legacy is where either the whole, or a proportion, of the residue of your estate is given, after all other requests have been made and after your executors have paid any debts, taxes and other costs. This is the best type of bequest to make as the value keeps up with inflation.

It is also possible to leave a specific request, if you prefer to leave a specific item which can be kept or sold by the charity.

Choosing the correct wording

If you choose to leave a legacy to MAG in your will it is important to use the correct wording. The following is the wording we suggest. You may want to take this text with you when you visit your solicitor:

For a residual legacy:

"I give, devise, bequeath and appoint to MAG (registered charity number 1083008) of Suite 3A, South Central, 11 Peter Street, Manchester, M2 5QR, the residue (or appropriate fraction of the residue) of my estate for general purposes and the best use at the time needed most"

For a pecuniary (fixed sum) legacy:

"I give to MAG (registered charity number 1083008) of Suite 3A,South Central,11 Peter Street, Manchester, M2 5QR, the sum of £_____ for its general charitable purposes. I direct the receipt of the Treasurer for the time being or other authorised officer will be sufficient discharge to my executors"

You do not need to let MAG know you have left a bequest in your will to us, but if you would like to pledge a legacy gift to MAG please print out, complete, and send to MAG a Legacy Pledge form - your pledge to leave money to MAG is not legally binding, but it really helps us plan for the future if we are aware of your intentions. Remember, you can change your will at any time.

For more information please email to request a Legacy brochure.


Martin Bell

"I know of no aid agency or non-governmental organisation, relative to its size, which has saved more lives than MAG, helped more people and done more around the world to tackle the scourge of the landmine."

Martin Bell OBE, former BBC World Correspondent and UK Member of Parliament

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About MAG

MAG (Mines Advisory Group) saves and improves lives by reducing the devastating effects armed violence and remnants of conflict have on people around the world.
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