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Tukuls, mortars, mines, shells..... and a dik dik

Posted: 7th April 2009

By Hannah Bryce, Programme Office, MAG Sudan... "After the 20 minutes I wore Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to walk through the minefield, I was told, with authority, that I resembled a tomato. To wear PPE for six hours a day would reduce me to a soggy ratatouille. The respect I have for these guys who do this day in and day out is immense..."

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R.O. CONGO: 4,000 anti-personnel landmines destroyed

Posted: 3rd April 2009

On the eve of International Landmine Awareness Day, MAG has overseen the destruction of 4,000 anti-personnel mines close to the Atlantic port city of Pointe Noire in front of 100 national and international, representatives, guests and press.

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LEBANON: Conventional weapons destruction and landmine clearance

Posted: 3rd April 2009

MAG has received a $1.5 million grant for conventional weapons destruction in eight southern Lebanon communities from the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement. An estimated 45,000 people will benefit from the clearance efforts.

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15 days on Lake Tanganyika

Posted: 2nd April 2009

By Gwenn Dubourthoumieu, Katanga Base Manager, MAG DRC... I recently followed the teams of MAG for 15 days during the rainy season on Lake Tanganyika, in the Katanga province, at the extreme south-eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Audio: 'A lot to do' in Cambodia

Posted: 31st March 2009

Ten years ago this month the Ottawa Treaty banning landmines came into effect but despite the ban, countries like Cambodia are still grappling with the landmine legacy left by decades of conflict. Listen to an interview with MAG Cambodia's Country Programme Manager Rupert Leighton on Radio Australia.

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Wired for demolition in Rwanda

Posted: 31st March 2009

By Sean Moorhouse, MAG Rwanda... He pushed the button and a harsh crack rattled through the sparsely scattered acacia trees…... A couple of cuts of the formidable-looking shears are enough to turn a Kalashnikov into steel scrap. A bewildering array of weapons from all over the world and of all shapes and sizes has been reduced to nothing more than pieces of scrap metal.

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BURUNDI: Supporting human security

Posted: 30th March 2009

In Burundi, grenade incidents are happening daily. In February 2009 alone, 18 grenade attacks were reported by the BINUB (UN integrated mission in Burundi) security office, and in many more cases, bandits were armed with grenades but did not explode the

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VIETNAM: MAG Music Festival

Posted: 27th March 2009

Come to a fantastic benefit concert for mine and unexploded ordnance removal in Hanoi on 25 April, featuring live music and a non-stop DJ tent.

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D.R. CONGO: Independent woman

Posted: 25th March 2009

The Democratic Republic of Congo has a long history of suffering and misery. Only now is it taking the first tentative steps down a long and rough road to stability and development. Female deminer Mami Mapala Mongongwa, for one, has her feet on the ground and is moving forward.

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SUDAN: A dangerous surprise

Posted: 24th March 2009

MAG's Small Arms and Light Weapons team in South Sudan has destroyed 187 mortars and 37 rockets in Kudo Payam after local resident Lino John discovered them while attempting to dig a rat out of a trench.

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