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Case studies and news

Infographic: Securing ammunition in Libya (13 June 2013)

Securing ammunition to keep communities safe (13 June 2013)

New awareness-raising song warns children of explosive weapons risk (21 May 2013)

Boosting Mine Risk Education for schools [Libya Herald] (12 May 2013)

Celebrating Landmine Awareness Day in Misrata (4 April 2013)

BLOG: "From now on I will never touch or move any explosive item" (24 January 2013)

المجموعة الاستشارية للألغام (ماج)- ليبيا: ان

Maximising the long-term impact (14 January 2013)

Educating children about the explosive remnants of war (13 November 2012)

Helping Libyans safely cast their ballots (9 July 2012)

22 houses declared safe, amongst 34 EOD tasks last week (14 May 2012)

A safe future for schoolchildren in Sirte (4 May 2012)

Training teachers in risk reduction messages (13 March 2012)

Libya one year on: The battle against cluster bombs, landmines and UXO (14 February 2012) 

Starting the school year with Risk Education (1 February 2012) 

Now children carry flyers, not UXO, in Zintan (7 November 2011) 

VIDEO: Working on the ground to secure the skies (23 September 2011) 

Reducing danger and increasing security (6 September 2011) 

SLIDESHOW: Libya 2011 – conflict response  

Remnants of conflict continue to pose huge threat (22 June 2011) 

Children at risk from munitions (14 June 2011) 

Hundreds of unexploded devices destroyed in Ajdabiya (9 June 2011) 

Secretary of State announces support for MAG (6 June 2011) 

Assessment shows need for urgent response in Misrata (1 June 2011) 

MAG receives funding to secure weapons stockpiles (10 May 2011) 

MAG steps up operations (27 April 2011) 

MAG is now operational (14 April 2011) 

MAG responds to the emergency (7 April 2011)

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The problem

Ongoing heavy fighting on the ground between forces of the Libyan NTC and those loyal to Colonel Gaddafi, together with NATO-led air strikes in support of UN Security Council Resolution 1973, continue to impact the daily lives of Libyan civilians.

Libya has also amassed extensive stockpiles of conventional weapons, which are located in Ammunition Storage Points that, since the conflict began, are poorly secured and have in many cases been breached.

A direct consequence of this development is the proliferation of abandoned explosive ordnance (AXO), which poses a severe danger from accidental detonation or discharge.

As the conflict continues, contamination will increase from unexploded ordnance (UXO), particularly in strategically important towns and cities where the fighting is most intense. Reports have highlighted use of cluster munitions by Gaddafi forces, together with mine-laying in strategic positions.

Our thanks to the following donors to MAG’s Libya operations: AECID (Spanish Government); Canadian Department for Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT); Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands; Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Sterling International; Swiss Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs; UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency).

Other resources:

Landmine & Cluster Munition Monitor – Libya profile

Donor websites:

AECID (Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation)

Canadian Department for Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT)

UK Department for International Development



US Department of State's Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement

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About MAG

MAG (Mines Advisory Group) saves and improves lives by reducing the devastating effects armed violence and remnants of conflict have on people around the world.
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